Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you call home if my child is ill?

Our Health Centre is run by experienced nurses, health care providers, and a resident physician, so your child is in very capable hands if they get ill. Though we strive to ensure that campers are healthy and safe at camp, accidents can happen and kids do get sick; because of this, mostly you will not hear from our Health Centre staff, as most incidences are minor cuts / scrapes, slight colds, or short term illness which are all part of being a kid! However, there are certain situations where we will ensure that you are informed of your child’s medical situation. Some examples of when you may hear from the Health Centre are when a camper:

  • has a prolonged illness
  • requires prescription medication
  • has gone to the hospital or dentist

You are of course welcome to call us anytime if you would like an update on your child.

2. What should I pack for my child?

Click here to view our recommended packing list.

3. How is the food at camp?

Campers, staff, and visitors from other camps & community organizations give NBB top marks for our food!
At NBB we serve delicious and nutritious meals and snacks. Our menu offers a selection of foods that are both healthy and ‘camper-friendly’, including plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit. We believe that tasty, wholesome food is the cornerstone of a happy camp and provides children with the necessary fuel to fully participate in and enjoy jam packed, fun-filled days.
All of the food we serve is kosher and nut-free. Alternative menu items are also available for those with dietary restrictions. We are capable of working with families to accommodate vegetarian, lactose free, gluten-free and other special diets. Please contact us for more information.

Click here to see a sample of Our Menu.

4. What if I need to communicate with the camp during the summer?

Pick up the phone and call! We’re happy to answer your questions and address your concerns. The phones are answered by our office staff who will typically take a message for your child’s Unit or Section Head who are out and about on the campsite ensuring that your child is enjoying camp! They will then do their best to get back to you that same day, providing you call before 6pm; otherwise, your call will be returned the next day (however, messages are monitored later into the evening in case of emergency).

You can also email .

If you have any questions or concern please call us so that we may give you and your inquiry the attention that it deserves!

5. What if me or my child become a little apprehensive about the upcoming summer?

We are always here to help! You can:

  1. CALL OUR OFFICE! Speak to the Director or another member of our staff to get your questions answered and concerns addressed
  2. COME IN FOR A VISIT! You and/or you child can arrange to come into the office and speak to our Director, as we understand meeting face-to-face may be more reassuring
  3. HAVE US INTRODUCE YOU TO ANOTHER FAMILY! We can provide you with the name and number of another parent and/or camper who is new to or returning to NBB.

6. What is your policy on cabin requests?

Campers can make up to 3 requests on our application form. Every effort is made to place campers with friends of their choice. With new campers in particular, in almost every case, their #1 request is met, as we understand that being with a friend helps ease the anxieties of attending a new camp and a new situation. There are many other factors involved in cabin groupings; therefore, final cabin placement is at the discretion of the Director.

7. Are laundry services provided?

Laundry is provided by a commercial laundry facility. It is collected approximately every 10 days and typically returned within 2 days.

8. What is your policy on bringing food to camp?

We provide nutritious and well-balanced meals, nightly snacks, and two weekly tucks. Therefore, campers do not need to bring food to camp. Having food in the cabin has campers substituting less nutritious food for proper meals; attracts insects and animals, which are a health and safety threat; and causes safety concerns for campers with life-threatening allergies. Therefore, food and drinks are not allowed to be brought into camp.

Camp Northland-B’nai Brith is a “nut aware” facility. That is to say that everything that we serve is nut-free. We will work with families who may have a child that needs to bring special food to camp for medical reasons.

9. Do you offer certified instructional swim classes?

Yes, we provide instructional swim classes through the Royal Life Saving Society of Canada and Red Cross. Campers have 3-4 lessons per week. Our senior campers (those completed gr. 7 and up) can opt for swim activities during this time rather than lessons. We are also pleased to offer certification in Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross.

10. What if my child loses some belongings at camp?

We do everything we can to keep clothing with or return clothing to its owners while they are at camp. All clothing found at camp at the end of the summer will be returned to our Thornhill office. Please call or visit our office after camp if you are missing anything.
Note: The Jewish Camp Council of Toronto & Camp Northland- B’nai Brith cannot accept responsibility for articles lost at camp or in transit.