Our Jewish Community

Camp Northland-B’nai Brith is proud to be the Jewish community camp in Ontario. When you entrust your child to our camp, he or she will have the enriching experience of living in a Jewish environment with Jewish values that are modeled by our staff.


At NBB We Celebrate Our Jewish Culture In Many Different Ways:

SHABBAT is a big spiritual and cultural event at camp:

Other ways that our Jewish environment is created are by providing programs and activities such as:

NBB is a place for your child to celebrate and enjoy learning about their Judaism!

We recognize that our campers have varying levels of knowledge of Jewish tradition and we respect various viewpoints and beliefs. Our goal is to have each child further their own Jewish development of pride and identity by participating to their own level of comfort.

We hope campers will enjoy the comradery of living in and celebrating the spirit of NBB’s wonderful Jewish community!