About NBB

Camp can be an invaluable part of a child’s development from childhood to adulthood and have a profound, positive impact on their lives. Camp provides a supportive & encouraging environment for children to leave their comfort zones without the pressure of grades. The camp experience is enriching & rewarding because of the growth that children gain from being independent, learning resilience, living in a group, developing skills, & becoming self-disciplined through many varied opportunities.

Hands-on learning in a group setting also teaches children life-long skills such as leadership, problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution. Lastly, but most importantly, camp gives children the opportunity to connect with nature in a way that they cannot in their lives in the city.

Camp Northland-B’nai Brith (NBB) exposes campers, grades 1-9, to an amazing blend of opportunities and programs. We build each camper’s self-esteem, Jewish identity, confidence and independence. Teaching campers to be team players and an integral part of the NBB community goes hand in hand with recognizing that each camper is an individual with unique needs and goals.

We believe that by creating a strong sense of community within a warm and accepting environment, children thrive as they make lifelong friends, have fun and grow as individuals. The 750 secluded acres on Moose Lake in the Haliburton Highlands support a wide range of water and land sports, as well as many indoor facilities such as our Concert Hall, Playhouse and recreational buildings.

Our facilities, including our beautiful waterfront, serve as a backdrop for teaching, creating, growing and exploring. We provide a nurturing environment for children to challenge themselves.

NBB is a large camp with an intimate feel. Each section/unit lives together in their own area of camp, which creates Shalom Bayit, a close family.

NBB’s 3:1 camper to staff ratio promotes a small family atmosphere, while also ensuring individual instruction with close supervision by qualified staff.

For over 100 years, generation after generation, campers and staff return to NBB to build on past successes, learn new skills and make friendships to last a lifetime. This constant growth and tradition is a large part of what makes NBB such a special place.

We would love to invite your child to make Camp Northland-B’nai Brith their new home away from home.